Spring 2017 marks the beginning of our fifth year of running. Some of us got an early start to the season last week in Barcelona, while others are currently in Tel Aviv to compete in the half-marathon. We'll be in Amsterdam in a few weeks for this year's first Bridge the Gap event before welcoming BTG crews from around the world to our backyard for the Berlin half-marathon, a.k.a. Homieshalf!

Our fifth year of running coincides with the 5-year anniversary of Bridge the Gap, a global movement that's touched cities in all corners of the globe, from Berlin to New York City, London, Moscow, Toronto, and Cape Town. Here's the spirit we're celebrating:


We're always looking to grow our team. If you're a competitive runner interested in joining the BRAVES, drop us a line at running@berlinbraves.com.

All photos by Pim Rinkes.

Film by Stephan Wever & Joey Elgersma