Damn, can you believe it’s been 20 years?  


Let’s rewind to 1996 for a minute: the year ‘Space Jam’ hit the big screen. It was the film debut of Michael Jordan, the most talked-about athlete in the world at the time following his return to the NBA after an unsuccessful baseball stint. There would be no Rodman or Kukoc by his side – just a bunch of Looney Tunes. Few could have predicted this marriage of animation and sport would become the highest-grossing basketball film of all time. 

But it was much more than that, too. A cultural phenomenon. An ode to the spirit of the 90s. The first time people outside the sport paid attention to basketball sneakers. The film spawned a treasure trove of timeless memorabilia, which we’ve been collecting since day one.

We were given the opportunity to share our Space Jam obsession when Nike and KICKZ Torstrasse invited us to celebrate the December release of the Air Jordan XI Retro 'Space Jam' –­­­ a design almost identical to what MJ donned during the 1995 playoffs. 

It was a chance for basketball fans, sneaker lovers, and 90s babies alike to marvel at our extensive Space Jam exhibition which, together with great food, film, music by DJs DREEA and ONIT, gave guests court-side seats to Tune Stadium for the night.

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All photos by Nailya Bikmurzina