Founded in 2012 as a Berlin-based collective connected by our love for sports and culture.
We are now a sports club building on the credo of bringing people together and changing the social landscape.

Complementing sports with creative expression stands at the root of who we are. Our DNA circulates around togetherness and sharing moments of joy that create experiences serving a growing local and international community.

We want to share memorable moments with each other while simultaneously building awareness for the different life realities our members have. We are here to redefine the perception of sports clubs by laying a focus on sustainable community-building that places collaboration before the competition.

What has defined our path throughout the years is that we want to do it all –  from training programs to events, club nights, merchandising, and brand collaborations.

We are set to create a platform that welcomes like-minded enthusiasts, coaches, creatives, and brands to get involved and share our vision.


We want to honor individuality by recognizing that we do not all have the same starting conditions in life and in sports and that – at least when it comes to sports – we have some power to change that.

We want to create equal opportunities by providing an infrastructure for both recreational and professional sports. We want to use the power of the community to create a support system that anyone can draw from.

We want to create a platform that gives space to individual journeys, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

We believe that through the community a safety net can be built that renegotiates our relationship with failure.

We believe that through inclusion and exchange we can redefine victory by giving space to defeat.

We welcome everyone that wants to experience sports inclusively and respectfully.


Berlin Braves HQ

Wassertorstr. 11
10969 Berlin
+49 30 68913550