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40€ per month subscription
Crew package allows you to join every training and event
Unlimited access to all trainings, online classes, workshops, and events
Welcome gift* (Mystery box 50€ value)
Free access to all home games of Berlin Braves 2000
25% discount on all collaborations and merch
The first 30 days (trial) is 20€ and the membership will automatically renew without needing to take further action
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60€ per month subscription
Plug package comes with free products of choice per year
This membership is made for the die-hard braves. You love to support as much as you can and your everyday wear is Berlin Braves merch.
Free products – exclusive first access to limited collaborations, merch, or seeding (4x per year)
Free access to all home games of Berlin Braves 2000
25% discount on all collaborations and merch
The first 30 days (trial) is 20€ and the membership will automatically renew without needing to take further action
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Renews automatically until the member cancels


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25€ per month subscription

Under 25 package comes with a special rate for young adults and students
Unlimited access to all trainings, online classes. workshops, and events
Welcome gift* (Mystery box 50€ value)
Free access to all home games of Berlin Braves 2000
15% discount on all collaborations and merch
Charge with Apple Pay / Google Pay or a Credit Card
Renews automatically until the member cancels


This membership is made for supporters and fans all around the world. You consider yourself a true homie and love to help the Berlin Braves e.V program with your contribution.
Homies can always join our Track Tuesday sessions and events when in town.
Charge with Apple Pay / Google Pay or a Credit Card Renews every 3 months automatically until the member cancels
10% discount on all collaborations and merch
Charge with Apple Pay / Google pay or a Credit Card Renews every 3 months automatically until the member cancels

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30€ quarterly

This subscription is at a special rate for the homies/supporters

Frequently Asked Questions


After 10 years of operating in an informal structure, it is about time to become a registered organisation in order to have more opportunities to grow our community and provide a more structured multidisciplinary offering to our beloved peers. We aspire to become a household name in the German sports scene, which is why building an infrastructure of opportunities is the next step for us to be collaborating with state, city, and social initiatives. As a registered member of Landessportbund & leichtatletik Verband Berlin, Berlin Braves e.V. is able to offer educational opportunities for board members and trainers, participate in the development of sports programs and provide sporting accident insurance.

Making sports accessible and approachable is where we are rooted, which is why we want to continue to cater to those communities (you know who you are) that have helped us build the communal culture and collective support system we want to see in the city. Our membership is available for anyone that identifies with our vision. No matter your financial situation, if you want to contribute to our project, become a community mentor or forge intercultural exchange in another way, you are welcome.

Why would I become a member?

Because you are looking for a like-minded community that loves to work out together and is actively working on making a change to the sports and cultural landscape of Berlin.

You like to share a laugh, have a good time and support your peers, exchange ideas, and explore new ways of self-expression both athletically and creatively.

How can I become a member?

By reaching out to us through the above contact form. Our team will then first personally introduce you to our founding principles and community guidelines. Take you through the process of trial sessions. You will be able to sign up for our trial package and you will be invited to our monthly introduction night. The Trial package also allows you to join four trial sessions of your preference. 

How much is a membership?

We are offering different membership packages, with monthly fees ranging from 10€ to 60€ Find out more about all our packages on top of this page.  


We offer annual memberships. This means that our offering and thus length of membership runs from January to December. Nonetheless, you are free to become a member at any given time of the year. Your membership fee will be adjusted accordingly. 

HOW MUCH TIME DO I HAVE TO DECIDE whether I want to become a member?

For all existing community athletes, we would love for you to sign up before April 2023. 

If you are new to the Braves and have not trained with us before, you can book our trial package before signing up to become a member. 

what is the main difference to me as a member compared to before?

You are making a commitment to the Braves that is more than showing your support by joining our training or events. As a member, you can see yourself as an important facilitator of our goal to change the landscape of sports club structures, by actively striving to make leisure and professional sports more accessible, less bureaucratic, more inclusive, and approachable. As a member, you will keep getting access to all of our initiatives, plus exclusive merch offers, and opportunities to make a greater impact on the upholding of our international running community and you will gain access to more sports disciplines. We are including more HIIT, Yoga, and mindfulness activations, as well as events of cultural and social relevance to our existing running and basketball offerings.

DO I NEED TO be ON A CERTAIN LEVEL of fitness to become a member of the berlin braves

No. As in life, we are aware that we do not all have the same starting points. You can join at any fitness level. 

Running: We complete our running sessions together as a team, while the training includes each fitness level. There are different pace groups and everyone is welcome regardless of their current level of training. 

We offer a variety of training plans tailored to your preference for distance and speed.

do i need to reach a certain level of performance to remain a member of the berlin braves?

No. We support you in achieving the goals you have set for yourself and provide you with the necessary training and motivation. We do not exclusively focus on performance or performance standards, we also want you to enjoy the journey and be part of our community.

Will i be able to TRAIN exclusively in running or do I have to participate in other offerings?

You are free to choose the sports disciplines you would like to participate in and access to multi-disciplinary training will be provided. Each week you are free to create your own schedule or follow schedules provided by our coaches. You are also welcome to join special initiatives, where we invite our (inter)national network of coaches to host training programs. Self-initiative is something that we value – so if you feel like offering special training yourself, as a member you are invited to do so. We support our members to pursue any coaching education and unlock their full potential as community contributors. 

CAN I TRAVEL AND participate in races without being a formal member?

Support is what makes our world go round. We welcome anyone to join for select races and travel with the team, at your own cost. The preparation for those runs and the access to training is reserved for our members though. 

can i still become a member without being physically in berlin?

As we have a huge international community, we are offering a passive membership aka the HOMIE package that allows you to support us even when physically absent from Berlin. This membership package also allows you to participate in our Track Tuesday nights. Read more about our membership packages at the top of this page.


If you are looking for just a ‘running club’ then the Braves is not for you. We are a sports club and are committed to building a positive and encouraging community of creative people who enjoy sports and the change they can bring. We take pride in all our projects and require all of our athletes to actively engage, support and encourage our younger members. If you only have time for yourself and your latest PB then please feel free to run elsewhere.

can i still attend the braves events without being a member?

Yes. You can still attend our public events, parties, and initiatives without being a member. Consider becoming a passive member though, to show your support beyond physical presence.

I AM LIKE REALLY GREAT AND FAST. Can the braves keep up with me?


If your main concern is how fast you can go then please refrain from attending our sessions. There is no place for macho macho within the Berlin Braves. Those that refuse to abide will be barred from attending. We pride ourselves on our 100 percent accident and incident-free record. There is a reason why we started as a crew and not a club, Crew means we look out for each other. You do not get brownie points for getting to the traffic lights first. Please note: Although we are open to runners of all levels we ask people to be able to run for at least 30 mins non-stop before attending. 

can i join one of the basketball teams with this membership?

Berlin Braves 2000 is our specific league basketball branch. If you wanna join the team and play in the German basketball league, you will have to become a member of 2000. > Click here <

For organizational reasons, Braves 2000 is a separate registered sports club from Berlin Braves e.V. which does not mean that we are not moving as one. Berlin Braves e.V. will be offering streetball training in the summer that is separate from the Berlin Braves 2000 league training sessions.

How do i meet new people or other members?

We host monthly introduction nights for new members at HQ but for safety and social reasons please ensure that you introduce yourself to everyone in your group. We are not a faceless crew/club and if anything were to happen to you on a run your fellow group members should be able to tell the emergency authorities your name. They cannot do this if you insist on coming down and keeping yourself to yourself. 

If you see someone looking lost then please make them feel at home, a smile and a kind word can go a long way in making someone feel welcome.

how do i cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership by getting in touch with us via


There are thousands of sports clubs you could run with, but you have chosen to join us. The Braves are not a sponge. Please replace what you take from the project. In other words, please give back however you can be it through time, energy, or however else you see fit. This will ensure the continued success of the family we call Berlin Braves.

Are there any rules within the club?

Yes. we have very easy-to-understand COMMUNITY GUIDELINES. Make sure you read this carefully and fully align with our G-Code before signing off on your membership.

  1. Members should not undertake any action which could bring the reputation of Berlin Braves e.V. into disrepute.  – REMEMBER WHEN YOUR PARENTS USED TO SAY “DON’T EMBARRASS US.” – SAME SENTIMENT
  2. Members should consider the well-being and safety of each other and refrain from participating in activities that might cause any damage or harm to themselves or others. – BE EASY.
  3. Members must report any activity that may cause or have caused damage to themselves and others. – DO NOT SNITCH… BUT DO REPORT. FOR YOUR AND EVERYONE’S WELL-BEING, LET US KNOW. 
  4. Members promote the positive aspects of sports, e.g. far play. – THINK OF ALL THE REASONS YOU FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS SPORT. LEAD WITH THAT LOVE. 
  5. Members encourage each other to value their performance and not just results. – TRIUMPH IS TO TRY WITH A BIT OF “UMPH.”
  6. Members refrain from anything which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult, humiliate, or discriminate against any other person on the grounds of gender, race, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, social background, ethnic origin, or language. – MIND YA MANNERS. 
  7. Members must respect the property of Berlin Braves e.V. and of other members. – MIND YA BUSINESS.
  8. Members must act responsibly at all times when participating in activities and to avoid actions that could bring the group, or sponsors/ funders into disrepute.  – REPRESENT THE WE NOT JUST THE ME.
  9. Members should be aware of how their actions may be perceived by others.  – NOT BEING SELF-AWARE IS AN EXPENSIVE LUXURY THAT SERVES NO ONE. FREE GAME.
  10. Members must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner relating to language, noise, and behavior that takes into account the respective environment and people.  – REMEMBER WHEN YOUR PARENTS USED TO SAY “ACT LIKE YOU WERE RAISED RIGHT!” – SAME SENTIMENT.
  11. Members must compete in a manner of fair play with respect for opponents and polite behavior regardless of the nature of the competition when representing Berlin braves e.V.  – NO NEED TO CHEAT WHEN YOU GOT IT LIKE THAT. AND I GOT IT LIKE THAT.
  12. Members must refrain from any form of harassment of others and respect the rights, dignity, and values of others. – THE GOLDEN RULE: TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU’D WANT YOUR GRANDMOTHER TO BE TREATED. IF IT’S NOT A CLEAR YES, IT’S A NO HOMIE. KEEP IT MOVIN! 
  13. Members must not encourage or pressure others into acting against the Code of Conduct. – YOU’RE DOING GOOD.
  14. Members must not be unduly intoxicated at any event or activity where such behavior could be deemed unacceptable or unprofessional. RUNNER’S HIGH ONLY.
  15. Members must abide by the law at all times. – LET’S NOT GET 5.0. INVOLVED. AKA POLIZEI
  16. During social events, especially those involving the consumption of alcohol, be aware of the behavior and the impact on others, particularly members of the local community. – B**** DON’T KILL THE VIBE.
  17. Members take responsibility for their own understanding of this Code of Conduct and the repercussions of any breaches and must seek further information or clarification if they are unsure about how it should be applied. – COMPRENDE? IF NOT, COME SEE US. (TU NO COMPRENDE, TU COMPENSE)
  18. DO NOT give members or anyone, for that matter, unwanted attention. Additionally, DO NOT, in any manner, abuse your position as a coach or athlete. NO DMs. Keep it professional. – If it’s not a clear yes, it’s a NO homie. Keep it movin’ / If you won’t put it in an Email, don’t drop it in a DM.

Any more Questions?