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MADAM X berlin braves

As a community-driven sports club, we love introducing personalities who create special spaces for people to enjoy. And who better to feature than the vibe curator Madam X?

Hi CRISSi, Please Introduce yourself And tell us where you ARE at the moment

I’m Madam X. I’m a DJ from the UK and I’m currently hiding away in Athens!

Dj Madam X for Berlin Braves 2021

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Music has always been my passion. I’ve been fortunate enough to make a living out of Djing for the last 11 years.

My sound is heavily rooted in UK Soundsystem culture, inspired by my early raving days pulling all-nighters at Fabric & getting the first train back to Milton Keynes with my fake ID in hand. 

I play all sorts of music, but broken techno, dark garage, left field bass and dubstep are my main ingredients.

Hiding away in Athens? Since when are you there and how has it been for you since all the clubs have been closing?

It’s actually been pretty chill considering. I spent the first half of the lockdown in Crete which was idyllic & now I’m back in Athens doing a weekly radio show on Movement which has been super fun.

It’s been quite nice wandering around the empty streets of Athens. I’ve never seen it this peaceful. It makes walking around the Acropolis and all the ancient buildings kind of magical.

IS THAT NEW AND peaceful SURROUNding what gOt you inspired to start MDMXERCISE?

I’ve always been quite active and a keen gym-goer, but a life of touring and long-haul flights took its toll on my body. I got more into fitness and started working out with my personal trainer, Vince, who completely cured me of all my back issues caused by DJing and touring. 

I kept up the fitness during Lockdown Season 1, and throughout the quarantine period I had a bunch of messages from people asking me what I was doing, and how I was staying fit. With not much else to do I thought, why not share it with the masses, and invite everyone along to workout with me and my sister live from Greece?

With MDMXERCISE – we host live workouts on ZOOM every Wednesday & Sunday, and rope in all the best DJs from around the world to create mixes for the classes.

Everyone is welcome & you can register to join from our website here

Dj Madam X Schedule mdmxercise for Berlin Braves 2021

What empowers you as a womxn? 

Finding gratitude in everyday things like getting up in the morning, being able to move my body, being able to breathe fresh, clean, air, etc. I think if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how to slow down and make the most of the moments, finding peace in the simple things in life. Trusting my intuition has never taken me down a bad path and this empowers me not just as a Womxn but as a human.  

HA! The SPOTIFY playlist you’ve given us is representative of the club music you play.
Is there anything else people might be shocked to know about your music taste?

Well, yes. I’m actually 2/3rds raver & 1/3rd emo teenager. Behold, my angsty trip down memory lane:

Who are your femxle role models and why?

To be honest, all my friends. They’re all-powerful and inspirational in their own ways. They own their own businesses, buy their own properties, and are badass coding queens in boardrooms full of men. They’ve all conquered many hurdles, heartbreaks, and challenges. I like to surround myself with good people and I’m super proud of my circle of friends. 

There’s a lot to be said about women who challenge the norm and create their own paths. There are too many fearless and incredible women to shout out. Off the top of my head, here are a few independent bosses I find extremely motivational…

In music:

Line Rindvig – very fortunate to call her my friend. She has managed successful artists, launched labels, and most recently co-founded Offmeta, a new record label designed to intersect the esports, gaming, and music industries. She’s fearless and fucking good at what she does.

Lily Allen – her “zero-fucks-given” energy and ability to brush off the Daily Mail hounds having faced decades of public scrutiny, is really quite something. You need thick skin to last in this industry and she doesn’t get enough credit for everything she has had to put up with. Plus, she’s a lovely human being. 

Steph Deep Medi – Label manager behind Deep Medi who constantly offers me words of advice and wisdom. When I lived in Berlin, spending time with Steph really motivated me to step up my game. 

In fitness:

Krissy Cela – the owner of the ToneandSculpt app. She’s created a massive online community and I really love everything she stands for.


Veronica Lamaak. She runs the amazing “Sorted” club night in Denver and is responsible for bringing a lot of niche UK artists across the globe. Her story is inspirational. The hurdles and challenges she’s had to face whilst maintaining a positive attitude to life and doing what she loves is really quite something. But it’s her story to tell, so I’ll let you get in touch.  

Can you name a moment that made you realize what the power of a womxn is?

What are the main challenges that you face as a womxn in our society? 

Being judged on my looks before my skills. 

MADAM X for Berlin Braves 2021

What are the main challenges that you face as a femxle athlete/artist?

Assigning genders to neutral objects like “women’s weights” and “female” variations of “male” exercises.

This language is incredibly frustrating and intimidating and doesn’t allow womxn to realise their full potential. There’s no reason why we should shy away from heavy lifting. After all, we carry babies in our bodies and bleed every 28 days.

Is there a women’s initiative or organisation that you would like to shine a light on?

‘Ladies, Music, Pub’ –  a non-profit organisation and discussion group, recently turned record label, founded by Hannah TW and Tyson Mcvey. It’s an informal and supportive environment, and I find the meetings super uplifting and positive. 

‘Safe Gigs For Women – an initiative established by regular gig goers with the aim of creating a safer environment for women at gigs.

Before we let you go, Can you PLEASE make us a 10K running playlist and how would you describe it?

Here you go! The club records that shaped me with a few pop records thrown in. 😉

What’s your message to all the women and young girls reading this:

madam x batman meme

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